Pac-12 alumni, coaches & student-athletes celebrate Title IX's legacy

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For 46 years, Title IX has opened doors for generations of female student-athletes in the Pac-12 Conference.

Coming off the 2017-18 season, another banner year for Pac-12 women which saw nine NCAA Championships, is a worthy time to celebrate the profound impact Title IX has had on today's sporting landscape. Over the last two seasons, Pac-12 schools have taken home a total of 19 national titles. And the Pac-12 owns 183 overall women's NCAA titles, the most of any conference in the country. The SEC ranks second with 103.

Title IX, passed on June 23, 1972, is a landmark piece of legislation that paved the way for equal female participation in athletics at all levels (More: US. Department of Education).

Arizona State's Charli Turner Thorne, Bobby Hurley


Cal's Mary T. Meagher


Colorado's Tad Boyle


Oregon's Kelly Graves


Stanford's Ogonna Nnamani, Julie Foudy


UCLA's Lisa Fernandez and Jackie Joyner-Kersee


Utah's Missy Marlowe


Washington's Heather Tarr and Julia DePonte