2019 MLB Draft: See Pac-12 student-athletes selected by MLB teams

The 2019 MLB Draft takes place June 3-5 from MLB headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The first and second rounds will both occur on Monday, June 3rd with the first round beginning at 4:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. MT. The first round will also be broadcast live on MLB Network.

Look below to see where Pac-12 student-athletes were selected in the first and second rounds of the draft. For a full list of drafted student-athletes, visit the MLB Draft Tracker

Player Position Pac-12 School MLB team Round / Overall Pick
Adley Rutschman C 1st / 1st
Andrew Vaughn 1B 1st / 3rd
Hunter Bishop OF 1st / 10th
Michael Toglia 1B/OF 1st / 23rd
Korey Lee C 1st / 32nd
Cameron Cannon SS 2nd / 43rd
Nick Quintana 3B 2nd / 47th
Ryan Garcia P 2nd / 50th
Ryne Nelson P 2nd / 56th
Beau Philip SS 2nd / 60th
Chase Strumpf 2B 2nd / 64th
Alec Marsh P 2nd / 70th
Kyle Stowers OF 2nd / 71st
Grant Gambrell P 3rd / 80th
Spencer Steer SS 3rd / 90th
Matt Fraizer CF 3rd / 95th
Ryan Kreidler SS 4th / 112th
Erik Miller P 4th / 120th
Chris Clarke P 4th / 132nd
Nick Kahle C 4th / 133rd
Jack Little P 5th / 161st
Josh Burgmann P 5th / 162nd
Maverick Handley C 6th / 168th
Avery Weems C 6th / 170th
Cameron Eden SS 6th / 177th
Will Matthiesen P/DH 6th / 184th
Blake Sabol RF 7th / 214th
Jack Ralston P 7th / 215th
Jared Horn P 7th / 219th
Jeremy Ydens OF 8th / 243rd
C.J. Stubbs P 10th / 316th
Andrew Daschbach 1B 11th / 318th
Connor Lunn P 11th / 335th
Oliver Dunn P 11th / 345th
Matthew Acosta CF 12th / 353rd
Arman Sabouri LHP 12th / 373th
Justin Hooper P 14th / 409th
Chris Micheles P 14th / 420th
Lyle Lin C 14th / 422nd
Carter Aldrete 2B 15th / 446th
Connor Blair RF 15th / 457th
Andrew Nardi P 16th / 471st
Jordan Jones P 16th / 490th
A.J. Block P 17th / 502nd
Brandon Wulff OF 17th / 502nd
Brandon Eisert P 18th / 537th
Austin Manning P 19th / 559th
Jack Stronach 3B 21st / 623rd
Bryce Fehmel P 21st / 626th
Rogelio Reyes P 22nd / 659th
Andres Alvarez SS 22nd / 664th
Jakob Goldfarb C 24th / 710th
Duke Kinamon SS 24th / 728th
Jake Pries OF 24th / 735th
Nate Hadley P 25th / 749th
Jonny DeLuca OF 25th / 761st
Brandon McIlwain OF 26th / 771st
Brandon McIlwain CF 26th / 771st
Kyle Molnar P 26th / 781st
Tyler Malone C 27th / 803rd
Kenyon Yovan P 27th / 811th
Daniel Bakst SS 28th / 857th
Dylan Pearce P 31st / 935th
Danny Sinatro CF 32nd / 971st
Ben Baird SS 34th / 1025th
Randy Labaut P 35th / 1060th
Augue Sylk P 38th / 1129th
Jake Hirabayashi 3B 39th / 1169th
Ty Haselman C 40th / 1211th
Sam Romero P 40th / 1214th
Dillon Plew 1B 40th / 1216th