Pac-12 teams celebrate "Star Wars Day" with forceful social posts

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Pac-12 teams from around the conference broke out their best social media edits for "Star Wars Day". The play on words from the film's famous "may the force be with you" line has seen fans across the galaxy celebrate the iconic franchise on May 4th every year. Below, you'll see a running list of some stellar posts form our teams that harken back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


Washington State

WSU's football recruiting page went to the dark side with its graphic, including a crimson lightsaber. Join them, and fulfill your destiny.


Meanwhile, UCLA decided to stick with the light side of the force on this Jedi getup for Joe Bruin. No mind tricks from the Bruins here, though.


At this point, it's pretty clear that Sabrina Ionescu is one with the force. Check out our remake of the legendary opening crawl using all of her college accomplishments. But be warned, this might take a while.

Oregon State

The Beavers are bringing balance to the force, pointing out that the good guys always wear orange, but also recognizing the ruthless power of the dark side from their women's gymnastics account.


They say the Sith always come in pairs: a master and an apprentice. Well, we're pretty sure no one bows to Darth Chip. The Buffs also dropped an amazing edit with "The Buffalorian". This is the way.


Speaking of masters, the University of Washington decided to give a shoutout to baby Yoda of "The Mandalorian" fame. He's not as cute as Dubs, we have spoken.


You didn't think we'd forget the stormtroopers, did you? Well, luckily enough Arizona showed how dedicated their fans are with this amazing cosplay.


Listen, we're pretty sure a lightsaber would obliterate a golf ball, but far be it from us to tell Utah golf how to have a good time. How many strokes are you penalized for hitting one into the Sarlacc pit?


Cal baseball jumped to light speed with this graphic. It's got us wondering how many parsecs it would take for the Millenium Falcon to round the bases.