Our Mission

For the 5th consecutive year, the Pac-12 Networks is offering our exclusive “Pac-12 Networks’ Television Production Student Training Program”.

Our mission and objective is to inspire and expose our Pac-12 University students to the world of live sports television production with an emphasis on safety, remote production techniques, mobile unit technologies, hands-on operating and educational experience. With our training team and production crews on site closely supervising trainees, the program is designed to help prepare our students to potentially work for the Pac-12 Networks and for a future job in the broadcast business (trainees are not entitled to a job at the conclusion of the training).

The training is unpaid, however, with roughly 1,800 paid student positions last season, students and former trainees have played a valuable role in our productions. They have been hired for roles such as Red Hats/Time Out Coordinators, Runners, Stage Managers, Spotters, Statisticians, Utilities and Camera Operators, all while gaining valuable experience working with other professionals in sports broadcasting.

While we prepare and train students to work in these positions, many become more valuable as crew members and ultimately become repeat hires, which benefits both the students and the Network. Each session is pre-scheduled in advance and will take place at each of our Pac-12 University campuses throughout the academic year.

Pac-12 Student Training Graphic

Student Training Overview


  •  Gain hands-on, behind-the-camera experience with the guidance of Pac-12 Networks staff
  •  Learn about television production, safety procedures, communications as well as tour a full production truck
  •  Establish a network and gain a better understanding of live sports production
  •  Gain the opportunity to be hired for future events
  •  Prepare you for a career opportunity in broadcasting

Pac-12 Production Positions for Students

  • Red Hat
  • Runner
  • Stage Manager
  • Spotter
  • Statistician
  • Camera Operator
  • Utility
  • Production Assistant

How To Dress

  • Closed toed shoes
  • Polo/t-shirt/Pac-12 Network shirt
  • No large logos or school affiliations
  • Pants or long shorts
  • No torn jeans or short shorts

Training Timeline

  • Welcome & Overview of the Day
  • About the Pac-12 Networks
  • General Rules, Safety & TV Truck Etiquette
  • Who's Who?: UM, EIC & TD, A1, Pro Crew Positions
  • Tips for Working with Professionals
  • Respect for the Venue/University/Athletes, etc.
  • Truck Tour
  • Camera Training
  • Observation with Professional Crew
  • Lunch Provided by Pac-12
  • Live Event Set Up & Game Time

If you are interested in signing up for one of our sessions, please click the corresponding link below. Our sessions are pre-scheduled to coincide with an actual live production venue and date, are only offered to Pac-12 University enrolled students and are limited to 25 students per session.

Thank you for your interest – Pac-12 Networks Training Team

Pac-12 Networks Careers

Interested in joining the Pac-12 Networks team? Visit our Jobvite page to see openings in:

  • Advertising Sales
  • Communications
  • Digital
  • Legal & Business Affairs
  • Production & Operations
  • Technology


Check back regularly for new opportunities.

Photo Gallery


Brittney Mead, UCLA

The Pac-12 Student Training program was one of the best experiences I have had the pleasure of being apart of during my time at UCLA. The training program allowed me to get an inside look at the production aspect of live televised games. I learned about different jobs in the field and how each position plays a part in making the complete game experience that viewers see on TV. During my training session, I actually had the ability to shadow the game and luckily was able to WORK the game! I stuck around in the truck and fortunately for me, the time clock malfunctioned. One of the crew members asked for my help and soon enough I had my own headset on and heard the Director and Producer count down "going live in 5, 4, 3, 2,1." It was an amazing experience and it really urged me to continue pursuing a career in sports television. Since then, I have followed up and now have a paid student freelance position and work various live games in different positions. The people you meet- the crew, the other students, is a priceless experience and an amazing way to network. The production crew, specifically, are some of the nicest and the most hardworking bunch of people you'll ever meet. They are eager to help you and share their knowledge and experience to help you succeed. This program is definitely what you make of it. If you are proactive, work hard, and show that you want to be there, it opens up a lot of opportunities for you! Hands down, it was the best thing I could have honestly done, and I would recommend this training to anyone who is serious about a career in sports television

Jamie Stankiewiz, California

"The Pac-12 Student Training Program was an excellent and eye-opening experience. The program leaders were very thorough on teaching us about what different jobs are needed to work a live show, as well as going in depth in explaining just what they do. My favorite part was getting to go inside the truck and learn about all the technical, behind the scenes work is done. It was even cooler to see everybody doing their jobs, in action, during the live game. To be just be immersed in the setting was an unbelievable experience. Also, being able to talk to the actual Pac-12 workers was awesome. They were very friendly and very willing to talk to us about what they do!"

Ashley Westhem, Stanford

"I had a great experience during the training session. It was a valuable experience to be able to witness the behind-the-scenes work that goes into any Pac-12 broadcast. I gained a greater appreciation for all the equipment it takes to put a broadcast together. The atmosphere was great as well as getting to be outside and work with the cameras and enjoy lunch afterwards. It was also beneficial to hear about the different opportunities that are available for college students for on campus broadcasts."

Caitlin Dieni, Oregon

"I loved the Pac-12 Student Training Program. I really enjoyed each of the people we got to work with. I loved getting the opportunity to go inside the production truck and thought that was a really good experience because I had never been inside one before. I also really appreciated getting to work with the larger cameras and being taught how to hold and use them. I appreciate the opportunity that I was given and I would love to continue working with the Pac-12 in any way that I can because of my positive experience."

Haley Ford, Arizona

"I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Pac-12 Student Training Program. It was a great experience that allowed me to be more hands on and it opened so many doors and connections for me. It was such a memorable day from start to finish, especially getting the opportunity to work with Pac-12 technicians, talent, and staff. I was so impressed with the entire program and absolutely enjoyed the hospitality of the Pac-12 staff allowing me to return to Hi Corbett that evening for the live telecast of the Oregon State vs. Arizona baseball game. The experience truly was second to none and an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about possible careers in the field. The Pac-12 sets the standard high for college sports networks and I was so honored to be able to learn from some of the best. I could not stop talking about my experience at the student training program for weeks after it had passed. Thank you so much!"

Lucas Robbins, Arizona State

"My experience with the program was great and I am thankful for the opportunity. The best part was being able to work hands-on, in the field, with real professionals learning the art and craft of sports broadcasting. In the field of journalism, experience is the most valuable currency and that's what you earn with the student worker program. I enjoyed my experience because it was challenging and fun, you get out of it what you put into it. I would recommend the program to a friend and hope to work with Pac-12 Networks in the future."